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Pot 5 Reasons: Cannabis Should Be Legal Part 1


Here in California, the legal cannabis debate is often superseded by the fight for Medical Marijuana, which appears reasonable as ill patients are in need of medicine for their aliments more so than the casual user wants his civil liberties. However we should not forget that the legality of cannabis effects both our medical and civil rights.

While I hate to say that one right is more important than another. Rights are like our children or creations, we must love them equally or at least see them as equally important. Yes, the patient’s right for their doctor agreed upon medicine is more important than the wants of the recreational user. Yet, their want for open civil rights is still important and should not be overlooked.

Not to mention that the medical debate leaves the casual user stone cold sober, while the quest for legalization is all-inclusive.

To further the push for legalization, I give you five reasons why marijuana should be legal. They are not the only reasons for a legal cannabis country but a selection that I have deemed most shocking and/or logical to unlock the doors to a world of cannabliss.

Pot Five Reasons Why Marijuana Should Be Legal

#5 – End The Underworld’s Cannabis Profits

Currently, every week a news outlet somewhere runs a story about how the Cannabis trade is the largest profit maker for the Cartels. If we are to take these numerous reports to be true than One is left to assume that legalization is the only way to wrestle our marijuana money from the black market.

In the halls of history, we can find one example of how the largest profit maker for a black market was changed into an above-the-board non-profit organization that benefits society. I mean, of course, the lottery.

Long ago in the days when televisions had dials, one of the largest money makers for outlaws was to run illegal lotteries, or “running numbers” as was the term of the time. A Numbers racket worked like this:

How Numbers Ran:
1. A customer would walk into a bar / candy store / retail outlet.
2. They bought their numbers at the counter.
3. A mobbed-up “underworld type” would go around to the various outlets and collect the numbers.
4. On a prescribed day, a number would be picked and the customer with that number got cash.

This system worked for a long time. However since the 80’s, running numbers is no longer a profitable venture for the underworld. The lottery changed the game. You can no longer profit from running numbers as anyone, who is anyone, can now go into any convenience store and buy a lotto ticket. Yet, not only a lotto ticket but a legal, state verified lotto ticket.

How Lotto Runs:
1. A customer walks into a convenience store.
2. Customer buys lotto ticket at the counter.
3. Lotto Numbers are collected by state run machines.
4. Lotto numbers are picked and winning numbers collect cash!

As you can see from the example above, America did not stamp out the citizens ability to gamble. Instead we made the lotto legal. We took the profits out of the black market and put them to good use in our school and public health systems. Thus to END the machine of terror that collects our cannabis proceeds, we need to take the profits out of the black market and put them to good use in the general and legal economy.

#4 Cannabis Industry Means More Jobs

When we put the Black Market‘s cannabis proceeds into the general economy, then we also add all the jobs that once where part of the Black Market. Just look around the medical marijuana industry and see at all the different jobs that are created.

Sure, there are the growers and the dealers. On the farm, there are helpers, trimmers, and baggers, oh my. On the streets, there are wholesalers, drivers, and street-level traders. These are positions that directly trade over from the black market.

However, the industry in the medical marijuana industry create even more jobs. Here in California, there are bud tenders, security guards, and administration at all the dispensaries. There are labs, filled with scientist, that test the potency of cannabis. There are kitchens filled with cooks who make medicated snacks. Factories who make containers. And the list goes on.

Where the underground market sees marijuana as a commodity, with maybe three different levels; schwag, Beasters, and Nugs, with one basic effect. The medical marijuana industry sees an ever-growing list of strains and byproducts where each one comes with at least one taxable employment slot.

I was at the San Francisco Medical Cannabis Cup and I marveled at the number of booths and the range of products displayed. As from above, each booth and product is another job that was added to the economy directly from the impact of Proposition 215.

Cannabis Numbers #3, 2, and 1 to Come…

Our first two reasons to end cannabis prohibition are down. We need to end the black market’s cannabis profits. If we end the illegal profits by legalization, then we will create an industry from the ashes of our misguided past.

While these two reasons maybe enough of a justification for Legalization, we still have three more reasons to go.

Join us next time for Pot 5 Reasons: Marijuana Should Be Legal Part 2

By: Red Eyed Kracker

Del The Funky Homosapien – VIRUS – High Times Medical Cannabis Cup

Jack Herer Initiative – ( Ima Hemp ) sonjia – 4/20/2012 ( Deep Green Festival )

David Long – 4/21/2012 ( Deep Green Conference )

4/20 March and protest in Oakland Ca.

Make a difference this 420

It is almost 4/20, the cannabis community’s one and only holiday. Were all who consume the amazing cannabis plant proclaim their love for mother earths most vital resource, cannabis hemp. Many tokers, smokers, growers and medicators celebrate this day in many different ways. But this 4/20 we must try to make a real difference in which the average american perceives the average cannabis consumer and provider. We must break the stereotypes’ of un-productive, lazy, drains on society. We must show them that we are responsible adults, who live productive lives.

How do we do this ? Every single person who consumes cannabis for any reason or even believes that cannabis should be legal for responsible consumption must come out of the closet and proclaim to the world there use and love for the cannabis plant this 4/20. There is no reason why a responsible adult who consumes cannabis on his or her own time and in his or her own house, shouldnt have the same rights as those who consume alcohol. Cannabis in its known history, has had ZERO recorded cases of overdose. Approximately 2.5 million people die each year from alcohol related causes. “Global Status Report on Alcohol and Health.” So why should the cannabis consumer live his or her life in discrimination simply because he or she chooses a natural non toxic plant to relax or medicate.

This 4/20 there is a lot you can do to make a difference for the cannabis community. This 4/20 become a member of Norml, The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. They are the nations longest running lobbyist group for the cannabis consumer.


There is also a Anonymous operation taking place on 4/20 called, #Opcannabis420. They are calling for all who support cannabis legalization to turn all of your social media profiles green in a show of solidarity. Call your government representatives and let them know you want them to do something to stop the prohibition of cannabis hemp. Find out if there are any local protests or marches in your area on 4/20. Lets get out there in force and demand equality for the cannabis consumer. It’s all up to us, we must unite and demand equality for the cannabis community for ourselves, nobody is going to do it for us. So I urge all of you who really seek changes in our cannabis hemp laws and policies to get out there and let your voice be heard and make the impact we need to make those changes.


I will leave with this final and parting request for 4/20, I ask all who celebrate 4/20, when the clock strikes 4:19 please give a moment of silence and remembrance for the great Jack Herer. He was a special man who shared the truth about cannabis hemp with the world. It is up to us to carry on Jacks legacy and dreams of Re-legalizing cannabis hemp for future generations and the planet.



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