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Hey California! Fresno called, they want there pre-1996 marijuana laws back.



Only in Fresno, I tell ya! Only in Fresno California could the vast amounts of misinformation be seen as evidence to support the passing of an ordinance that prohibits any and all cultivation of  Cannabis. Retroactively handing all cultivation back over to the black market and criminal enterprises. Wait it gets worse! They have also retroactively criminalized the California legal qualified patients themselves through land use and zoning ordinances. Yup that’s right! What the people of California made Legal, Fresno has made Re-illegal!?. They have even found a way to circumvent the due process of law when it comes to qualified medicinal cannabis cultivators.  First they mail them a certified letter threatening to fine you administratively $1000 for every plant on the property. The county’s 15 Day Notice tells the grower they have to remove all plants within 15 days, or face extremely stiff  administrative penalties. In the only 2 cases on record so far, the abatement was done on the same day the individuals were given their 15 Day Notice to abate. does that sound like due process? Wait? Do you feel these fines and levees against you are unjustifiable and unwarranted?  Don worry you can always appeal to the Fresno county board of supervisors and hope they understand that your a legal qualified medical marijuana patient of the state California, and not of Fresno. The Fresno county board of supervisors has implemented such an evasive ordinance that it not only circumvents the true written intent of the (CUA). It circumvents the very constitution of California. 

Well it still gets worse unfortunately. No dispensaries or medicinal cannabis store fronts or collectives allowed either. So they have also retroactively returned all access, or purchases to the criminal enterprises and black market. The only viable options left for the legal medicinal cannabis patients are traveling to other progressive cities and counties within California that does not seem to have regressive leadership or governance. Which in turn puts huge financial and travel burdens upon the medicinal cannabis patients. Or the final and last result, simply move away from there delusional ideals of governance that exist in this time warp called Fresno.  Welcome to my home town people  Where the  boards of supervisors and city councils are the deciding factor and regulator of your health, medicine, and well being over the recommendations of a licensed physician. Where local law enforcement continually suggests that the Drug Cartels and criminal enterprises should have 100% control of all Cannabis grown in Fresno so they can better serve and protect you. Does any of this make sense to you? Welcome to the wild, wild west of Fresno folks, where the dumb folk roam, and the skies are all smoggy all day!

The City and County of Fresno has gone far beyond just banning large illegal commercial cannabis grows in there districts and county. (Those where already illegal ) They have thwarted the the intent of the (CUA) compassion use act of 1996.  Or as its more commonly known and referred to as, Prop 215.  They act as if the law never existed in the first place. Not only trampling on the (CUA)-Prop-215, but the later clarifications of the (MMPA) Medical Marijuana Program Act of 2003. Or as it is more commonly known and referred to as SB-420. Senate Bill-420 was an act of the legislators that helped further clarify and define the guidelines of the (CUA) because Law enforcement in places like FRESNO county were continually arresting qualified legal patients. The actions of these misinformed law enforcement and local governments out right thwarted the intent of the law as written and passed by the voting populous of California.


No legal cultivation allowed at all. No legal indoor cultivation in the privacy of your own home. No legal outdoor cultivation on the privacy of your own property. No legal dispensaries or store fronts in your own city or county. All through the power of land use and zoning?  But the Fresno county health department will gladly take the peoples money and there doctors recommendation and supply them with a (MMPA) California State Medical Marijuana Card, with a Fresno county health department logo on it.  You can even get your doctors  recommendation directly through the Fresno county health dept. Through one of there licensed physicians.  So the County of Fresno is not only participating in the (MMPA) SB-420, its profiting from the state medical marijuana card program then turning around and telling those qualified patients to access there medicine anywhere but in Fresno? Oh, and good luck out there, I here, it can be pretty shady. Does this make sense to you? Is it legal? I am not lawyer, but I am pretty sure there is some illegal activity taking place here.

you know that old saying? Ignorance of the law is no excuse? Well have you ever considered applying that phrase on those who continually love to throw it in your face. Well the Sheriffs department, Local police department, and Local governments of Fresno are all  guilty of that very thing and are hoping the common voter never discovers that. For if you did, you would find that the only people acting as criminals and tyrannical thugs are the ones wearing the suits, costumes and uniforms of local Law enforcement, City Attorneys, and the elected representatives of Fresno. In my personal opinion it is an outright infringement of not only our California constitutional rights. It is also an outright infringement of  our United States constitutional rights. Now bare in mind, I am no lawyer or law professor. and this is no way to be construed as legal advice.  But I am pretty sure Banning me from access to my medicine recommended by a licensed physician is infringing on my right to “Life”.  Banning me from cultivating my medicine on my own personal property,whether indoors or out is infringing on my my right to “Property” and “Life”. And both of those actions are inherently infringing on my right to “Happiness”. Are you catching on here people ?


Law enforcement never has and never will want to decriminalize anything. Especially Cannabis. That is one of Law enforcement’s “bread and butter’s” shall we say. More Specifically it is one of Margaret Mimms of the Fresno county Sheriffs departments personal blundered legacies she plans on leaving behind her. It would also appear that the Fresno city chief of police Jerry Dyer seems to be riding her coat tails with exact same nonsense. Margaret Mimms headed up the Marijuana Eradication task force here in Fresno county. Unfortunately her and many other small sheriffs dept statewide have been confusing and arresting qualified legal patients since the passing of prop-215 (CUA). The very Reason SB-420 (MMPA) was drafted and passed in 2003. To further clarify prop-215 (CUA). Either they where confused or ignorant of the law, or they simply didn’t give two flying farts to the wind either which way.  That would put to many good officers on the unemployment line. As if to say needing less police is a bad thing? or focusing those officers attention to more pressing criminal matters is a bad thing. Therefore when they don’t like laws passed by the legislators, or governing bodies they simply ignore them as if they never existed to begin with. Hence the ignorance that billows about the room at these very council and supervisor meetings in regards to the actual law as written. 95% percent of the time the elected representatives only repeat and spew out what is interpreted and handed to them by Law enforcement. Never the actual law as written and defined. that is a serious problem folks. How the (CUA) was written is not the true problem at play here.


Have any of you ever read the California constitution? Did you know unlike most of the states in the union, here in California the people have the unique ability to pass there own laws through the statewide voter initiative process. Well that is exactly what happened with prop-215 (CUA). it was not law enforcement or the legislators that authored and circulated prop-215. It was the grassroots activists and citizens of California that wrote, circulated, and passed prop-215 (CUA).  Did you know that not even the highest California legislators in the land can change the  laws passed by the voter initiative process? The only way to to change voter initiatives is by another voter proposed initiative. The California constitution states, “what the voters have done, the Legislature cannot undo.” Interesting!? Well if you can not undo it? what do you do if you don’t like it? pretend it does not apply? Or simply imply it was so vaguely written as to allow certain localities to opt out or not participate in way shape or form? NO, it does not work that way. But is that not essentially what Fresno is trying to accomplish here with the passing of this unlawful ordinance? If the Legislator Cannot undo what the voters have done? Neither can the  city and county of Fresno right?  No matter how much they hate it. No matter how vague there interpretation. The legalese, wording and actual intent remain the same and can only be changed by the voters. are you starting to truly understand the malicious hatred and fury this ignites in law enforcement and the governing bodies its controls? This is truly of, for, and by the people governing. something they have no control over. And regardless of  Prop-215 and SB-420’s flaws, We the people should, and shall defend it with dignity and due diligence. regardless of whether or not you like or dislike Cannabis. This not just a game of politics anymore. If the only law Fresno answers to is the laws written of, by and for Fresno? are they circumventing state laws themselves ?  

I would now like to raise some very concerning questions and points of notice in regards to this intrusive unconstitutional ordinance being forced down the unwilling peoples of Fresno’s throats. Question #1 – Could you possibly conceive that the county board of supervisors, or city council representatives in the city in which you reside where the ultimate dictators and regulators of access to you medicine, health and well being, over the recommendation of a licensed physician? Is this an oligarchy or a democratic republic in which we reside? Question #2- Do you Honestly believe that passing this ordinance will curtail the illegal activity and crime associated with cannabis cultivation? Because the sad truth is, your only insuring that all cannabis cultivation is  a criminal act. Including legally qualified medicinal cultivation. Which directly conflicts with the peoples law of California and protections guaranteed by the California constitution.

The plain and simple truth is the only way to insure you lower criminal activity associated with Cannabis is by decriminalizing, legalizing and properly regulating the legal industry which arises. Weather it is strictly a model for only legal qualified medical patients, or a model for outright recreational use for responsible adult consumption. The very reason people steal, kill and commit crimes over or for Cannabis is because of the very laws that prohibit it. And the fact they will fetch a very high price in the illegal black market created by its prohibition. Where the demand never really went away by choice or organic methods.  It was forced out by unnecessary and unjustifiable means.  If  it where Legal, easily accessible and cultivated by everyone in there yards, and  sensibly regulated and controlled it would be easily accessible to all. and you wouldn’t have Criminals jumping fences and killing people over a natural plant. effectively eliminating the intrinsic criminal enterprises and aspects of the failed models of prohibition. Wake up People of Fresno! we do not have to continually stand by while these regressive leaders of our governing bodies are constantly trying to move the progressive needle backwards. We must stand up and be heard. For they will continue to oppress and and trample on anything and everything they deem a NUISANCE.  Remember this point right here! the very reason they hold that much power is because we willingly sent them there to speak for us. Citizens and people of Fresno, Stand up and speak for yourselves!

By: Dustin Frazier Lowery













Fresgro Unified Patients Alliance

Our mission here at Fresgro Unified Patients Alliance is first and fore most make sure every individual member feels truly cared for, valued and respected. We strive to provide our members with only the cleanest and highest quality medicinal Cannabis products. We know you have choices when selecting a medical marijuana collective in Fresno, so we stay on top of the latest developments and products within the medical cannabis industry.

Since 2009,  has been informing 215 patients with education, advocacy and empowerment to help share knowledge about cannabis and its many healthful benefits. We also strongly suggest you learn more about hemp, as the cannabis plant has many beneficial uses outside the realm of medicine. Our friendly, helpful, knowledgeable staff also can assist you with any cannabis questions you may have.

So give us a call today

Fresgro Unified Patients Alliance  is a California licensed, Non-profit Mutual Benefit Corporation formed in accordance with Prop. 215 and operating within the California Attorney General’s guidelines. In order to receive deliveries you must register as a member of our collective, which involves signing an agreement stating your intention to relate with Fresgro Unified Patients Alliance as such. This in no way limits your ability to cultivate your own medicine, infringes upon your legal limits, or prevents you from joining another collective. The agreement simply states your intention to be an active member of the collective.

Medicinal Cannabis Patient skit

The Patients speak out @ Obama MMJ protest / Save Harborside Rally

Pot 5 Reasons: Cannabis Should Be Legal Part 2

In Part One, we discussed both the criminal and financial reasons why we should legalize cannabis. We talked about how the current marijuana trade is the largest income maker for the black market. We theorized that legalization would take the profits away from the underground and create jobs in the private sector.

For our final three reasons, we take our view away from the broad picture and focus on the individual. Here we will look at the trees from the forest and discover a couple of logical reasons why every adult should have his option of choice. We look at the civil rights of not only the persons but also at the life of a plant. Can you guess which one?

Pot Three Reasons Why Marijuana Should Be Legal

#3 Cannabis Is Our Beer

“I like to smoke my beer” – Overheard at a party

I’ve heard the above quote a couple times and the reasoning is sound. Some of us don’t care for alcohol. Sure, they may drink from time to time but they prefer green nuggets to amber hops. These are people who would rather opt for a recreational release that leaves no hang over or damage to their liver. And it should be their civil right to do so.

For the ardent prohibitionist among us, who think that Cannabis is a drug and Alcohol is alright if not consumed whilst driving, I have one question. How many Families do you know that have been torn apart by marijuana? Personally I don’t know one.

However Alcohol abuse has ruined many families. AA meetings are filled with down and out stories from the bottom of a bottle. It’s no wonder that you don’t hear of Marijuana Anonymous very often.

#2 Cannabis is Preemptive Medication

There are numerous studies printed in numerous periodicals that speak of the medical benefits of marijuana. Don’t take my word for it, go out and read a couple for yourself. You will learn that not only is cannabis a helpful medication for treating a number of aliments, from inflammation to MS, promising preliminary studies show that marijuana may prevent and even cure many types of cancer.

I know at the beginning, I started out by saying that we are not here to talk about Marijuana as a medicine. And we aren’t. However, we are talking about preventative medication. In a Medical Marijuana environment, a sick patient is allowed to use cannabis as medication. Yet, a non-sick person is only allowed the medication available at the local pharmacy.

Therefore in a Medical Marijuana environment, a person needs to get sick before he can use the medication that might have prevented the sickness. Legalization would ensure that all adults would have access to both over the counter medication and medical marijuana, cannabis, or dabs.

Having said that, my mission is not to force you to a believe that Cannabis is some kind of super medicine, you can believe whatever you want. My mission is to be the owner of my own destiny. I smoke tobacco and my belief is that a cannabis regiment counteracts some of the negative effects of smoking tobacco. I feel there is enough proof out there that supports my theory. If you think that is pure poppy cock, that is O.K.

My point is we live in America, land of the free. We are free to believe all kinds of crazy ideas. If one persons belief has no negative impact on others, then they should be able to practice their belief.

And now for the #1 reason why Marijuana legalization is logical…

#1 Cannabis is a Plant!

Aren’t we killing enough plants through deforestation of the planet? Through the loss of our rain forests, fraking, and mountain top excavation, how many species of plants have we lost? Yet here we go again and place another of “God’s” creations upon the alter of extinction. To paraphrase the big man with a tan, “Our reasoning is illogical!”- Spock, Star Trek.

Hemp, marijuana, cannabis, it’s all boring old plant life. Yet in this fast paced “advanced” time, cannabis continues to foster a rather impressive sub-culture of arm-chair botanists. Americans, your neighbors, peace loving, hell even red, white, and blue loving Americans care about a plant. This public, who we always assume is wired up, spoon fed mass media and zombied out on gadgets galore, shows interest in botany and we want to stop this?

Though amateurs aren’t the only ones effected by legalization of marijuana. Hemp can grow in all 50 states and, according to Jack Herer’s “The Emperor Wears No Cloths“, hemp reinvigorates top soil. So for plants like tobacco that can only be grown so many times in one area, hemp can be used in rotating crops to keep our top soil producing all sorts of plant life.

And We didn’t even mention that hemp can be used to make rope, clothing and, hell even, bio diesel. The current problem with Ethanol is that it takes too much corn to produce enough quantity. If only we had a plant that can grow anywhere in a quick amount of time… Well we might know of a plant out there that may solve this problem.

Now go make sure your friends know about that sweet girl, Mary Jane.

Cannabis Wrap Up!

There you go, my Pot 5 Reasons: Marijuana should be legal are down in the books. We need cannabis legalization to end the terror and violence of the black market, to gain the employment of our fellow countrymen for a way that benefits society, because Cannabis is our Beer, and marijuana is our preemptive medicine. Yet most of all we NEED legalization because Hemp is a plant.

In these times near the “end of oil” and maybe even sustainable drinking water, we must remember that we require all the plant life we can get.

There are my Pot 5 Reasons: Cannabis should be legal, what are yours?
Leave a comment and let us know.

Join us next time: Pot 5 Reasons: TBA

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June 21, 2012 Fresno City council meeting

( UPDATE ) Fresno city’s BAN on outdoor cultivation.

Recent chatter in the airways suggests the Ordinance regarding outdoor cultivation of medicinal cannabis within the city limits of Fresno Ca, will be on the June 21st Agenda. So here we go again! Only this time it’s with the city council and not the county. The one thing I can say is that the city of Fresno’s ordinance is a lot less restrictive by leaps and bounds. The Fresno County medical marijuana Ordinance is extremely restrictive. Here is a quick summary of the Fresno County medical marijuana ordinance in regards to cultivation.

So any patient that has the poor misfortune of living in the county has to meet all the requirements listed above. Even for personal cultivation? Yes! Fresno county’s ordinance is one of, if not the states most restrictive ordinance in regards to Cultivation, Use, distribution and possession in the entire state of California. Well now we have the city of Fresno planning to do the same thing.

( Here is a link of the proposed ordinance )

So for all of those patients out there who provide themselves with outdoor grown medicine on their own property every year will no longer be allowed to grow directly under the sun within the city limits. They will now have to spend 100’s to 1000’s of dollars building a secure structure for their medicinal garden. Much like the county’s ordinance we see they have chosen to restrict access to the cheapest and most affordable way of providing yourself with quality affordable medicinal cannabis. Cultivating your own medicinal cannabis is one of the only fail safe ways to ensure the patient knows the quality, the strain, and the grade of the medicinal cannabis.

Once again the local Fresno governing bodies choose to restrict patients access instead of addressing and correcting the real underlying issues. Most of the qualified patients that use medicinal cannabis are on a limited income, disability, social security, chemotherapy patients, cancer patients, H.I.V Patients, and many more ailments that already restrict their access and ability to cultivate their own medicine. Now the city of Fresno is telling those “Over-Qualified” patients they can’t even grow those plants on their own property. Most of these patients are already suffering in these low economic times from there overpriced healthcare costs. Now the City of Fresno wants to tack 100’s of 1000’s of dollars to an already struggling patient.

Does any of this seem fair to you ? Sure as hell don’t to me! What if the only relief or cure you found for your ailment or sickness was kicked around like a political football up and down the state. And your local city council or county supervisors decide that your medicine is too much of a health and safety risk for the citizens. Now the only thing that increases your appetite after chemotherapy, or relieves your completely disabling migraines, or help to stimulate and increase the function of your weakened immune system from the H.I.V Virus that is attacking it IS GONE. Walk a mile in the shoes of a qualified medicinal patient before you come to such restrictive ordinances and regulations.

The people and qualified patients of Fresno City and county deserve better than this. These qualified patients need acceptance, understanding and compassion, not restrictive ordinances that go against the very purposes of a voter approved proposition passed 16 years ago. I am only 1 man! But I am able-bodied and willing to fight and educate on behalf of those medicinal cannabis patients that can’t. We need the medicinal cannabis patients and community to show up at the Fresno City Council meeting this June 21, 2012. These elected representatives need to see that the medicinal cannabis patients really have a face and in fact are, Mothers, Fathers, daughters, Sons, Grandfathers, grandmothers, Black, Hispanic, White, Hmong, Asian and everything else I left out. We are the medicinal cannabis community, and we aint going nowhere. We are here to stay ! And I will be damned if I allow this to happen in my hometown without a fight. So I urge all patients and supporters of medicinal cannabis to start educating the masses here in Fresno, Ca. Sit down for an hour and put your thoughts to paper. Create a respectful 3 minute presentation on how this will affect you and the medicinal patients of Fresno, Ca. Then show up at the city council meeting and share that with the Fresno City Council members. Nobody is going to show up and do it for us. Untill the City of Fresno Understands the struggles of the medicinal cannabis patient and forms regulations and ordinances that truly address these issues in a compassionate and respectful way, I WONT STOP, AND NEITHER SHOULD YOU !

By: Dustin F. Lowery

No outdoor cultivation in Fresno ?

This past Wednesday, may 16 2012. The Fresno Planning Commission voted 4-2 on Wednesday to recommend passage of a permanent ban on growing medical marijuana outdoors anywhere in the city of Fresno. I was one of three people to speak against the proposed ban and some of the underlying legal issues. I myself did not submit anything in writing because I felt that speaking from my heart works best for me. I asked the planning commission to please consider who will be effected the most by the passing such a restrictive ordinance. What about the patients who are on disability ? What about the patients who can barely afford to grow a few plants under the sun each season? The patients on fixed incomes who are already having a hard time scraping by ? Such a restrictive ordinance affects the poorest and most neediest of the medicinal cannabis patients here in Fresno, Ca.

I then went on to say that I am not here to advocate for thousand plant grow sites in the city limits. I am here to stand up for the patients right to legally cultivate their own medicine, on their own property. I told them that I was all for sensible regulations on outdoor cultivation within the city limits. But what the city currently had drafted was way to restrictive and would only further restrict patients access to affordable quality medicinal cannabis. Transplanting even a small 2 or 4 plant garden from outdoors to indoors can be very costly. It’s not as simple as ripping the plants from the ground, Throwing them in the bath tub and hanging a light bulb above it. Which by the way where the actual words of a judge here in Fresno recently, and also prior statements of the Law enforcement official giving the presentation before the planning commission just minutes before.

Actually to Give Lt. David Newton of the FPD narcotics division credit, he actually said cheap Led lights, which some growers are switching to, but are rarely used due to little information about production and output. personally there isn’t enough proven evidence to switch anything just yet. I also stated to the planning commission board that I myself do not hate Law enforcement, nor do I blame them for the position they have been in put in. But I am here to advocate Law enforcement does serve and protect the legal medicinal cannabis community like everyone else. I went on to say how I did agree that we needed to work with law enforcement to reign in those who are abusing the medicinal cannabis industry. But we also should not throw away the baby with the bath water. Dont punish the patients for the actions of the criminals.

After Comments from the other 2 whole speakers in opposition Diane Valdovinos ( Local Advocate ) and Micheal Green of Cal pot news. The commission board commended us for our statements. They then proceeded to vote on the ordinance. Many of the members of the planning commission said they understood our concerns but that they didn’t feel it was as restrictive and voted in favor. But one planning commissioner statements specifically hit home for me and made me feel as if we did have a very small victory in the overall battle. Luisa Medina of the planning commission said she was going to vote in favor of the ordinance but after hearing the statements in opposition from the three of us she had changed her mind. I was overjoyed with pride when I heard her say that. The fact that the statements of mine and that of my friends made a difference that day. Though we lost the overall battle, but through education and compassion we changed the heart and mind of just one person who would have otherwise just gone along with protocol and passed the ordinance.

After the planning commission meeting was dismissed we retreated to the front of the city hall building to gather our thoughts. We where then greeted by Luisa medina and Andy Hansen-Smith of the planning commission. they had some great words of encouragement and thanked us for coming out voicing our concerns to the commission. But the real highlight of that evening for me personally was when Lt. David Newton of the FPD confronted me outside of city hall and thanked me for coming. He also told me that I was a very good representative the for medicinal cannabis community and that he actually voted for prop 215 back in 1996. Lt David Newton also said that he looked forward to seeing me again. I jokingly replied, well I hope its at the next city council meeting and not anywhere else. We both laughed, shook hands and parted ways. Now those are the kinds of encounters with law enforcement I would prefer happen.

But for those who believe the opponent has the upper hand and it’s just to large a hill to climb. Dont give Up ! Three dedicated cannabis activists didn’t win the overall battle this past Wednesday, but they are winning the hearts and minds through the power of compassion and education. The key to ending patient discrimination in local counties and city’s here in the central valley is through education and compassion. Through this blog and various other social media I will keep you posted on when the ordinance will be going before the Fresno City council.

By: Dustin F. Lowery

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Be warriors for your own freedom.

One thing all cannabis consumers hate is Prohibition. There is no more common ground than that. No matter what your personal interest or personal beliefs may be, the end game still remains the same. Nobody, Not Even the Pope himself can condemn or prohibit something so natural as the cannabis hemp plant. Did god not create this amazing plant ? What is the words of god on the Subject of the Cannabis Hemp plant ? well here are some biblical mentions and what some say refer specifically to the Cannabis Hemp plant in the holy bible.

(Genesis 1:29-31)– “Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed which is upon the face of all the earth.…To you it will be for meat.” … And God saw everything that he had made, and, behold, it was very good. The Bible even speaks of the prohibition of such plants and Herbs. (Paul: 1 Timothy 4:1-3)– “Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times, some shall … speak lies in hypocrisy … commanding to abstain from meats which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth. The Bible also speaks of a special plant. (Ezekiel 34:29)–“I will raise up for them a plant of renown, and they shall be no more consumed with hunger in the land, neither bear the shame of the heathen any more.” The Bible also mentions a Healing plant. (Revelations 22:1-2)–A healing plant. On either side of the river, was there the tree of life, which bare 12 manner of fruits, and yielding her fruit every month; and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.

Now i am in no way a religious person. but if you are and you don’t like Cannabis, Even your god would slap you and say “what the hell is wrong with you” ? Now if you are a religious person, which is totally cool with me by the way if you are. I believe the same right you have to believe in it, is the same right i have not to believe in it. and i do not judge a person by their beliefs, I judge them by their actions. Now if there was such a plant that the bible speaks about, and it in fact can do so much for mankind, and that god was so very proud of. why would any government, world leaders or hell even dictators prohibit such an amazing contribution to the world and there people. But yet that is the current status here in America and many other country’s worldwide for the cannabis plant. So if you’re not quite convinced on how or why the world needs the cannabis plant on a global scale now more then ever in human history. I am here to do my damnedest to convince you other wise.

So Here are some reasons why ending cannabis prohibition makes sense scientifically,socially, industrially, economically and i think we pretty much covered religiously. Now i want you take a seat before we dive into these topics. Now the reason i say that is. What I am about to tell you is going to blow your mind, anything and everything you have ever been told about cannabis or its slang term marijuana is a Lie. Yep ! Unless you happened to be someone educated to historical and modern uses of the cannabis plant by personal interests or for whatever reason. You would simply never know most of what you will find just here in this post, Let alone the fact that most of this is historically documented and can be researched and proven with factual evidence.

Here is some Basic information on the cannabis plant:

Botanically, Cannabis hemp is a member of the most advanced plant family on Earth. It is a dioecious (having male, female and sometimes hermaphroditic, male and female on same plant), woody, herbaceous annual that uses the sun more efficiently than virtually any other plant on our planet, reaching a robust 12 to 20 feet or more in one short growing season. It can be grown in virtually any climate or soil condition on Earth, even marginal ones.

Today we also know cannabis hempseed is the plant kingdom’s richest source of life-giving essential fatty acids. Of the 3-million plus edible plants that grow on Earth, no other single plant source can compare with the nutritional value of cannabis hempseeds. Even more important for building a strong immune system, cannabis hempseeds are the highest source in the plant kingdom of essential fatty acids. These essential oils, linoleic and linolenic acids, are responsible for the luster in your skin, hair, eyes, and even your thought processes. They lubricate (clear) the arteries and are vital to the immune system.

FOOD: So that just that little bit of basic information we just covered would suggest that just eating the cannabis plant would do wonders for the health and well-being of those who consume it as just a food. Not only that but this food source can virtually be grown anywhere on this planet and in any soil or climate. I know right ? its pretty mind-blowing that the most nutritional food source on this planet is hardly ever talked about and is prohibited to be grown here in America and most parts of the world. well let me continue to blow your mind.

So here is where the industrial uses of this plant tie together with economic stability and a lot of social issue we face today. The Cannabis Hemp plant is this planets number one source for Fuel, Fiber, Paper, Food and Medicine.

FUEL: America has been trying to lower its dependency on foreign oil, But yet we don’t utilize the planets number one renewable and natural source for fuel. On a global scale, the plant that produces the most net biomass is cannabis hemp. It’s the only annually renewable plant on Earth able to replace all fossil fuels. Biomass energy systems can supply a sustainable source of fuel and will create millions of new clean jobs. Hemp biomass derived fuels and oils can replace every type of fossil fuel energy lets say for instance we have a huge spill of fuel or oil. This is no longer a planet altering event. The oils and fuels are as natural as the source in which they were derived. it’s a complete renewable cycle and source for fuel dependency, yet nobody speaks of it. Why ? Big business, corporate greed and special interests in washington share most of the blame.

FIBER: Cannabis hemp is, overall, the strongest, most-durable, longest-lasting natural soft-fiber on the planet. Homespun cloth was almost always spun, by people all over the world, from fibers grown in the “family hemp patch.” In America, this tradition lasted from the Pilgrims (1620s) until hemp’s prohibition in the 1930s. In the 1930s, Congress was told by the Federal Bureau of Narcotics that many Polish-Americans still grew pot in their backyards to make their winter “long johns” and work clothes, and greeted the agents with shotguns for stealing their next year’s clothes.

PAPER: Until 1883, from 75-90 percent of all paper in the world was made with cannabis hemp fiber, including that for books, Bibles, maps, paper money, stocks and bonds, newspapers, etc. The Gutenberg Bible (in the 15th century); Pantagruel and the Herb pantagruelion, Rabelais (16th century); King James Bible (17th century); Thomas Paine’s pamphlets, The Rights of Man, Common Sense, The Age of Reason (18th century); the works of Fitz Hugh Ludlow, Mark Twain, Victor Hugo, Alexander Dumas; Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland (19th century); and just about everything else was printed on cannabis hemp paper.

MEDICINE: From 1842 through the 1890s, extremely strong marijuana (then known as cannabis extractums) and hashish extracts, tinctures and elixirs were routinely the second and third most-used medicines in America for humans (from birth, through childhood, to old age) and in veterinary medicine until the 1920s and longer. For at least 3,000 years, prior to 1842, widely varying marijuana extracts (buds, leaves, roots, etc.) were the most commonly used and widely accepted medicines in the world for the majority of mankind’s illnesses.

So cannabis Hemp is the number one source for all of those five topics discussed above. pretty amazing huh ? one plant really can do so much if utilized properly. and those are just five of the thousands of industrial uses of the cannabis hemp plant. Ok so we have pretty much determined that the cannabis hemp plant, no matter what your beliefs are is the planets number one source for Food, Paper, Fibers, Fuel, and Medicine. so that means that even the poorest of the poor people on this planet, in the worst climate and soil, if given access to dirt and sunlight and very little water can provide themself with Fibers to provide themself with clothes. They can provide themselves with paper for newspapers, books and education. They can provide themselves with the most nutritional food source for human consumption on this planet. They can provide Biomass fuels to power their tractors, vehicles and generators as well.

This single plant could uplift the poorest and hungriest person from poverty into economic stability in matter of a few crops. And its illegal why ? Well i say its time to stop ranting and start acting. The cannabis hemp movement is fractured in such a way, that we no longer fight the same fight. we need a drastic change in the direction of this movement. a change for the better. a more unified approach to achieve the goal that all cannabis hemp consumers want to achieve, Ending the prohibition of the worlds most amazing plant, cannabis hemp. so wether it be medicator VS stoner, hippie VS modern, science VS religion, in the end we all want the exact same thing. The freedom to choose a natural renewable plant for the many uses it was intended without fear of discrimination or persecution. I think that is something everyone within the cannabis movement can get behind. And if not, well we don’t need you around anyhow. from these ash’s must rise a phoenix the world has never known. we must tear down our walls of indifference and unite with a unified voice with a unified goal of ending the prohibition of the cannabis hemp plant for everyone and all purposes. If we keep that very goal in mind, in the end, everyone’s goal is achieved.

Now as I wrap this post up I want to take some time to introduce you to the CCHHI 2012 initiative that I am currently gathering signatures for here in Fresno California. The California Cannabis Hemp and Health initiative of 2012 is Jack Herer’s own initiative from 1994. nothings changed, it is truly Jack Herer’s own Legacy only continued by close friends and activists. There are dedicated activists statewide currently gathering signatures to place this initiative on the 2012 ballot. Let me explain in my opinion why i think this is the best initiative for all cannabis consumers as a whole, and with 2012 being a presidential election year is actually perfect timing for an initiative to really get passed.

First thing it does is legalizes cannabis hemp. (1)- Creates and funds new hemp based industries and jobs. (2)- It permits the use of Marijuana or Cannabis hemp by adults 21 and older and licenses, regulates, enforces, and taxes recreational marijuana or cannabis hemp just like beer and wine. (3)- It prohibits taxing and expands the accessibility of medicinal marijuana or cannabis hemp in accordance with prop-215. (3)- Prohibits counties from imposing discriminatory, excessive or prohibitive zoning requirements and fees on cannabis hemp outlets. (4)- Allows farmers to grow industrial cannabis hemp and hemp seed, and allows industries and entrepreneurs to use the crop for the many uses and applications that cannabis hemp provides, both historically and modern. (5)- Restricts the use in California of genetically modified cannabis seeds. (6)- Eliminates the unfair practice of drug testing for cannabis metabolites, which can be retained in the human body for months. Impairment testing for non-metabolized cannabis, a more effective and accurate measurement for impairment or recent usage, would replace the metabolite test. (7)- mandates the state establish performance based standards, similar to those established for alcohol, to determine levels of impairment for safe operation of motor vehicles and other equipment. (8)- Allows for the release and discharge of people currently being punished for non-violent marijuana or cannabis hemp related offenses, saving taxpayers millions of dollars annually and freeing up jail space, judicial and crime fighting resources. (9)- Removes cannabis hemp from the California Uniform Controlled Substances Act, which currently allows the federal government to regulate cannabis hemp as a schedule I drug. (10)- Prohibits California law enforcement from assisting federal drug agents attempting to enforce federal laws that are no longer illegal by reason of this legislation. (11)Allows for personal use and possession of cannabis hemp grown for personal consumption. (12)- Caps the excise tax for commercial sales at $10 per ounce. (13)- Caps the license fees for commercial production, distribution, and sales at $1000. (14)- Allows a physician to approve or recommend medicinal marijuana or cannabis hemp without fear of repercussion to patients of any age. (15)- Requires that 50% of excise taxes collected from sales of recreational cannabis hemp be made available to be used for the development, promotion, and assistance in the creation of industrial, nutritional, and medicinal cannabis hemp industries.

Pretty much this is the best and most well-rounded initiative that has ever been conceived. there is little to no flaws in it at all. and it totally covers the entire cannabis community as a whole, focusing all major aspects of Cannabis hemp reform, from the recreational user and grower, to the medicinal patient and provider, to the farmers and industries in which would finally be allowed to become out of the dark and into the light. It will Create and funds new hemp based industries and jobs in a time where unemployment rates are at all time high. It will provide farmers here in the central valley a cheap and easily manageable crop that will provide them with many outlets for their raw cannabis hemp products to be manufactured. It also can provide food for the hungry, Clean the polluted air we breath, and replenish the soil we have destroyed with pesticides and treatments.

We are at a major tipping point for this planet and this movement. We must unite, under a single and unified voice to achieve the restoration of the cannabis hemp plant. Please I am asking all who have taken the time to read this to please take the time to read this initiative, get motivated, and actually promote the change we all seek so desperately. Get involved, Contact the CCHHI 2012 via social networking or through E-mail or by whatever means nessacary and see how you can help. Donate the money, if you have it, or just educate your friends and family to the restoration of the cannabis hemp plant and CCHHI in 2012. ( CLICK HERE FOR LINK TO CCHHI 2012 ) —->

Now i will leave you with a video of the High Times lifetime achievement award video that they played at the first ever L.A High Times medicinal cannabis cup last weekend, which I had the honor of attending. Though Jack is no longer with us,( R.I.P- Jack ) and could not accept his award. Dan Skye senior editor of High times said some very kind words about Jack, ” if not for Jack Herer, I wouldn’t be here today doing what I do” said Dan Skye. He then proceeded to announce Dan Herer, Jacks son would be accepting the award on his father’s behalf. Then Dan Herer after accepting the award, warned of complacency, and that there is still much to be done in the realm of cannabis hemp reform. the main thing that really stuck with me from this video was jacks words at the end.


” LET MY PEOPLE GO, LET MY PEOPLE GROW ” ( R.I.P – Jack Herer – June 18, 1939 – April 15, 2010 )

By: Dustin F. Lowery

Fresno’s WAR on Medical Marijuana

Dont let the Few, ruin it for the many, The needs of the many far out way the few !

Why would the Fresno county board of supervisors pass such an uneducated impartial judgment upon a group of people simply for their difference in choice of medicine ?

Sounds real innocent when you ask it like that, doesn’t it ? But you are all use to hearing marijuana, Drugs, hotbeds for criminal activity, drug stores, pot shops, marijuana busts and raids. If The Fresno County Sherrif’s Dept and Fresno county board of supervisors in fact do want to lower crime and drug activity, then banning Collectives, Co-op’s and dispensary is a terrible idea and an uneducated impartial judgement upon a group of people who choose to use a non toxic plant for holistic healing over western medicine. Collectives, Co-op’s and dispensary are single-handedly providing a legal and safe environment for Valid patients within the state of California to receive their medicine, While at the same time Removing black market middle men and putting drug dealers out of business. By removing street dealers you also greatly decrease the likelihood of other drugs being pushed on kids and adults who are only seeking medical cannabis. The people of the great state of California decided and passed prop 215 ( now HS11362.5 ) by popular vote in 1996. SB 420 was a compromise that considered much input from patients and reformers. It clears up certain implementation issues surrounding Prop 215 HS11362.5 and formulates a voluntary system to protect patients from arrest. It sets standards as the default baseline for protection, but also empowers localities to adopt scientific local medical marijuana guidelines. They must have got some misleading text from the state laws, because I don’t see anywhere it allows them to disregard the state laws and simply ignore it, or come up with such ridiculous regulations and intrusions of personal property in order to create a De facto Ban, Do you ?

Now don’t get me wrong, I do understand why they are doing what they are doing. They were Lied to, so was there parents and grandparents. Everyone has been lied to, or bought in to the notion That cannabis is this evil destructive plant that will alter the course of human history if allowed to exist. When actual Science and facts about the plant are locked away and never to be discussed again. All Clinical studies and research must cease to exist. if anyone does any research they are in direct violation of federal law and will be pursued and persecuted. We have all been lied to for the last 80 to 100 years about the truths of the amazing Cannabis plant. up until the mid 1800’s Extracts and derivatives of the cannabis plant where the second and third most prescribed medicines from birth to old age in the U.S.A. Eli Lilly, Parke-Davis, Squibb, Brothers Smith and other firms produce these medicines through 1930. During this time, not one death or severe side-effect is recorded as an attribute to use. Most Americans would have never guessed that in a million years. That Marijuana could be used as a medicine and in fact has been used as one for thousands of years. Not very many people know that they have a Endocannabinoid System in their body that reacts with the chemicals in the cannabis plant to help stimulate the ECS system.

The Cannabis Plant is not just for getting high, thow it is widely known for enhancing all sorts of activities and enjoyed in a recreational and leisurely fashion. Botanically the Cannabis hemp plant is a member of the most advanced plant family on earth. It is a dioecious ( having male, female and some times hermaphroditic–male and female on same plant ), woody, herbaceous annual that uses the sun more efficiently than virtually any other plant on earth, reaching up to a robust 12 to 20 feet or more in one short growing season. It can be grown in virtually any climate or soil condition on earth, even marginal ones. Cannabis Hemp is, by far, Earths premier, renewable natural resource. I could go on forever on this topic, so i will try to keep to the Subject.

The Fresno county board of supervisors misguided and uneducated decision to Ban all Collectives and Co-op’s in the UNINCORPORATED parts of Fresno co will only increase crime, Increase Access to children, create more problems and restrict the Legal medical Marijuana patients Access to their medicine, while at the same time forcing more money out of our local economy and into other surrounding county’s. Another big problem I have with the County of Fresno’s decision to ban is, The fresno county health department issues State medical marijuana ID Cards for Patients in fresno co. Only for the county to turn around and deny your access to those meds within your county. SAY WHAT ? the hypocrisy of it all is quite insane. Now I will say there are some bad apples in the bunch of collectives co-op’s, But the only reason they are getting away with it is because there are no rules, regulations and guidelines That show them the models in which to operate.

Its going to be a long hard battle to get some real regulations in place that work for both sides of the aisle. And even worse so then before due to increased federal funding and activity in California to help the feds with their ongoing war on the 10th amendment of our constitution. But one of the main things that we all can do is be Active. Call your state Reps, congressmen and women, Obama, county board of supervisors, city council and tell them you are tired of thier bullshit, shit or get of the pot! Education is the key to a better future for all Cannabis consumers. So share the gift of knowledge onto one another, tell your friends and family, share news storeys and other blogs like this one with everyone. If wars can be started with lies, they can be ended with the Truth.

” while one has a legal and moral responsibility to obey just laws, one also has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws “

By- Dustin F. Lowery


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