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Fresgro Unified Patients Alliance

Our mission here at Fresgro Unified Patients Alliance is first and fore most make sure every individual member feels truly cared for, valued and respected. We strive to provide our members with only the cleanest and highest quality medicinal Cannabis products. We know you have choices when selecting a medical marijuana collective in Fresno, so we stay on top of the latest developments and products within the medical cannabis industry.

Since 2009,  has been informing 215 patients with education, advocacy and empowerment to help share knowledge about cannabis and its many healthful benefits. We also strongly suggest you learn more about hemp, as the cannabis plant has many beneficial uses outside the realm of medicine. Our friendly, helpful, knowledgeable staff also can assist you with any cannabis questions you may have.

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Fresgro Unified Patients Alliance  is a California licensed, Non-profit Mutual Benefit Corporation formed in accordance with Prop. 215 and operating within the California Attorney General’s guidelines. In order to receive deliveries you must register as a member of our collective, which involves signing an agreement stating your intention to relate with Fresgro Unified Patients Alliance as such. This in no way limits your ability to cultivate your own medicine, infringes upon your legal limits, or prevents you from joining another collective. The agreement simply states your intention to be an active member of the collective.

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